Natural Nursery/Preschool Photography?

Natural outdoor nursery photography ? I have been toying with this idea for a while and its something I don't know whether nurseries require as a lot of them already have established photographers who do studio style photographs. Which is great, but how would you like to try something new?

As a parent myself my preferred shot of my son Jude is always something cheeky and natural opposed to a white backdrop lets shout cheese and hope he doesn't close his eyes number! So how many other people prefer this too?

Over the last two-three years when putting a gallery together I will try and place a good selection of images, some posed some natural, (yes god for bid one of those not even looking at the camera shots!).  Every time these images are always within the chosen selection. Why?. Well as parents we want to remember are children 'just as they are'. Lets remember they are not Cheshire cat robots. So why remember them that way.

As my any of my clients know I love working with children, having my own (and another one on the way) I have learnt that they aren't the easiest subject to photograph but they are the most fun. I would love to give parents the opportunity to have memories they 'adore' of their children actually having fun and being themselves, not feeling restricted by a studio style setting. Most importantly getting a beautiful quality of images within an affordable price band too.


I want to be able to offer a select group of nurseries:

Beautiful outdoor images using natural light

Capturing 'Real Expressions' and children's natural characters.

Affordable prices & excellent Nursery commission rates.

Non intrusive sessions where children feel free to play in an environment they are comfortable in.

Online secured viewing galleries for each parent so less admin for the nursery.

Easy ordering and quick delivery.


I would love to know peoples thoughts and whether this is something they would be interested in trying out? I am offering any Nursery interested a completely FREE session for ether a group of their children or all of them INCLUDING a fantastic commission rate.

Give your parents more options.

So if your a parent who would love to have this style of photograph from their nursery or a Nursery staff/ Manager who is interested I would love to hear from you...

Heather :)