Newborn Photography Cheshire - Expectations from a full newborn session


Newborn Photography in Cheshire

As one of the many photographers in not only this field but also in my local area - Cheshire, I thought I would share some images from a recent session. There are so many fantastic and talented baby photographers. Now I guess a lot of people wonder wether there is enough babies to go round. I have found that each person has an individual preference regarding style, location and of course price, so there is always the right photographer for each baby born. We see photographs posted everywhere from newborn photographers regularly sharing their recent work. I have found that on an average I might share maybe one image per session. Which is fantastic especially if its a social media post. Why? Well by images being shared and liked by families, friends, likers and clients etc, it helps my visibility and in turn encouraging new clients to come and see more of my work and possibly book. 

How does a full gallery look? 

So I mentioned about posting one image per session on social media i.e. Facebook.  As good as this is, it probably doesn't show the full extent of how a newborn gallery looks when a parent comes to view the whole thing. As an experienced newborn photographer, I have chosen my sessions to be mainly baby led which means choosing poses and props and the flow of shots dependant on each baby's individual moods, character and needs. This not only ensures babies are happy throughout the session it also means every single session I do is unique. There is not one newborn session I have done where I have used the same poses, props or parent/sibling posing all in the same order. Not only this, some babies prefer certain poses to others where some will perform them all comfortably and happily. A lot of posing success if based on babies womb position and once away from mum their favourite position to settle. 

My bucket list of shots from one of my last Newborn Sessions

What do I hope to achieve from every newborn session I do? Well most importantly a happy baby, which is almost always as long as they are fed and warm throughout. A little breakdown of what type of shots I would hope to get from most sessions is - Bean Bag poses, Natural relaxed shots, Prop Poses, Macro Detail shots, Sibling Shots, Composite Shot, Individual Parent shot & Family Shot. I was lucky enough to photograph the gorgeous baby Esmé recently who is the daughter of one of my very best friends. This session was a perfect example of a full session including all the above type of shots I love to achieve. I hope you enjoy looking through some of the selected images. An average gallery for me consists of around 25-40 Images. 

Obviously I am a little biased but how stunning is this little lady?....x

I would love to know what you think about my work please feel free to comment here! If your looking for a Newborn Photographer, and love the style of my images simply pop me a message for more details. Or check out more images in my 2017 Newborn Gallery.