Harry's Birthday & Remission Celebration!

Its mad really, as parents its easy to take every day things for granted. It wasn't until Harry's Diagnosis last year that I really sat down and take in just how special every moment is with the people with love. Harry is a probably one the strongest four year olds I know and I don't say that lightly. After coming though what he and his family been through and beating cancer it was wonderful and amazing to be invited to celebrate two extremely special celebrations. 

I remember photographing Harry's First birthday here three years ago...A little boy I have been taking photos of before he was even here, and yet today meant so much. As a family friend it was amazing to see him playing and running about like any other four year old again, I can't begin to imagine how his parents and family feel knowing they finally have their 'Harry' back. 

Gorgeous Family and a very special little man....x