Fours Years in....Heather Elizabeth Photography

Happy 4th Birthday...HEP

So its the 15th of Feb 2018 and my little business has hit its 4 year milestone! As much as I see this as a huge achievement and one I am really proud of, I wouldnt still be succeeding and doing a job I can honestly say I ADORE if it wasn't for my clients, my friends and family. Who  support me in all kinds of ways wether that be booking in for shoots year on year, recommending me, or even something like sharing a post on social media. 

Four years ago I did something that scared me. I shot a very special and secret wedding for my best friends sister Helen. At this point in my life I had a great full time job, I'd become a mum to a crazy little boy Jude and this mini person had made me fall back in love with taking photographs. He had sparked my inner artist. I had done lots of little shoots for friends but I decided to take the plunge and make my business official and shoot a Wedding too all on the same day (Jumping in at the deep end) I want to thank Helen for asking me and pushing me to capture her Wedding because without that I wouldn't have realised this was what I was made to do. 

Here I am four years on in my 3rd full wedding season shooting 29 weddings this year and I have a beautiful natural light studio in Cheshire, fit to burst with newborn props. Having two small children sometimes makes running a business hard to juggle. For me the struggle is real, wether it be editing covered in mash potato with a baby on my knee or figuring out what I'm doing wrong with SEO. Theres ups and downs to any job but for me theres so many more positives and I'm striving to keep this alive and keep doing what I love. 

Nothing comes quickly in this business or any business. I am constantly learning and growing in all aspects wether it be learning to embrace numbers (doing my accounts) or attending lots of amazing workshops and adding some skills to my photography belt. Sometimes I work 7 days a week, late night editing, and most months I don't have free weekend, sometimes I feel like its all too much but at the same time doing this is a DREAM JOB and I bloody love it!

A little timeline - Good things don't come to those who wait, they come to people who work hard...

Feb 2014 - Made business official & Shot my first wedding

Jan 2015 - Newborn Training 

September 2016 - Opened my first little studio 

September 2017 - Opened a larger studio


Most people think I just shoot Weddings & Newborns when infact I offer all the following types of shoot. I am so blessed to have loyal clients who come back time and time again. I'm hoping its not just because I make a cracking cup of tea! Some people say you should choose one genre of photography and focus on that. That its impossible to do lots of different types. Is it hard work - yes! but hey I love a challenge. Right now I can't see myself giving up one type as I enjoy it all.  

A long time ago (I'm super old now) my first infant teacher said to me theres no such word as can't and that advice sort of stuck, so when you feel like you can't do something, remember theres a 'can' in all of us. Take risks and if you have a dream, start 'doing' and make it a reality. You don't know what your capable of until you try.

Lifestyle Sessions - Families being just themselves in outdoor or home locations


First Birthday Photosession - With or without cake


My goals for the next year...

To continue to grow and hope people actually book in!

To be able to balance my work/home time so I get more time with my own children.

To stop being so self critical, and embrace my work, to start seeing all the good instead of thinking I'm not good enough.

Work harder on perfecting my style and making the way I shoot completely unique. 

Hopefully get to photograph weddings at some of the venues on my bucket list!

Stay real & original 


I am so lucky to work with some amazing clients who have really been supportive especially when my baby daughter was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder back in December. Some of my clients are now like friends and that makes going to work an absolute dream - Thank you!