Little Dreamers Baby Massage - Liverpool

Baby Massage Classes - Liverpool

Baby Massage classes are amazing for both bonding with baby and getting out as a mum and meeting other mums. When I first became a mum baby massage classes helped me to socialise and also have those 'mum' conversations that I suppose we all feel so new too. 

Kelly runs a lovely baby massage class in Liverpool, after attending her class last week to do some photographs for her new business I can see why she's already doing so well. Kelly is a mum of three so not only knowledgeable in all aspects of being a 'Mum' but her baby massage skills are just fantastic. The mums attending the classes were all laughing and chatting and its great to see as sometimes Maternity leave can be a lonely place.

Starting a business is hard and I love being able to share and support other women (especially mums) who take the plunge to do something they really want to do. Kelly is an absoultely lovely and down to earth girl, so if your looking for a place to do a baby class, learn about baby massage and meet other mums 'Little Dreamers Baby Massage' is a fantastic option.